iPhone Wallet Case & Covers

Travel as light as possible. Wallet Case is designed to make your life as easy as possible. If you are running on a quick errand, you always grab these two basic essentials, your Wallet and your Cellphone.

iPhone Wallet case is a convenient way of bringing your phone and other important items like cash, credit cards, ATM's easily. It's not a replacement for the real Wallet but it allows you to carry the basic and immediate essentials needed.

Aside from being stylish, the iPhone Wallet case is not as bulky as you might think. You can easily put it in your pocket without making you uncomfortable.

iPhone Wallet Case is also good protection for your phone. It got good grip texture to prevent dropping the phone easily. It completely covers the phone when not in use, preventing scratches.

Having all you need in one hand is comforting. A case that is definitely perfect for the minimalist you!