How To Find The Best Case?

Whether you want to buy a protective case for an iPhone, iPad or a Samsung Galaxy online, you need to choose the right model before you proceed with a purchase. It might seem obvious but one of the top reasons for refunds is the incorrect model selection. Here's how to avoid this;

At Case & More we have created a three-step navigation to get you there faster.

Step 1:

We have created dedicated pages for each mobile phone model so you can just navigate to see the products that are available for your phone. So the first step is to click on your phone model from the menu such as iPhone 8. If you know the product name, you can also click on search icon and type the product name as well.

Step 2:

This will bring the list of phone cases that are available just for your phone's model. In this example iPhone 8 cases, but this alone is not enough to narrow down the perfect case, because the list now contains products with different styles and audiences which brings us to the second crucial step: Filtering function. Use the filtering function in order to narrow down your search to categories like for girls, for boys, clear case, wallet, leather, ring holder, popsocket and 3D. We create these categories by manually curating cases that are best in their respective categories. You can now choose from a wide range of options that fits your phone and also your style.

Step 3: 

In the last step, once you go to a product page, all you need to do is choose your phone model from the variant list if it's not already selected and click add to cart. You will be guided throughout your purchase.

If you can't find your dream case, drop us a line on our contact page and we will get it for you.